pfSense SquidGuard

Install  SquidGuard from packages repository.

Services -> SquidGuard Proxy Filter


Target categories

  • Name: Whitelist
  • Domain List:
  • Save

Common ACL

  • Target Rules List
    • Set Whitelist access to “whitelist”
    • Set blk_BL_adv to “deny”
    • Set blk_BL_gamble to “deny”
    • Set blk_BL_porn to “deny”
    • Set blk_BL_spyware to “deny”
    • Set blk_BL_tracker to “deny”
    • Set Default access [all] to “allow”
  • Check Use SafeSearch engine
  • Check Log

General settings

In order to have automatic Blacklist updates via cron do the following:

  • Log in to pfsense via ssh and go to /tmp
  • In GUI go to Services -> SquidGuard -> Blacklists and select “Download”
  • In /tmp look for and copy to /root
  • Setup cron job to run every 24 hours: 0 0 * * * root /root/

That’s it, SquidGuard should be up and running!