pfSense pfBlocker NG

Install “pfBlockerNG” package via System -> Package Manager -> Available Packages.

Got to Firewall -> pfBlockerNG.


  • Check Enable
  • CRON Settings: Put to once a day <<Free lists might block to often download
  • Inbound Firewall Rules: WAN
  • Outbound Firewall Rules: LAN
  • Check Floating Rules
  • Save

NOTE: As it says you would not need to block any if you have no ports open in your firewall but as soon as you start opening ports for example for a web server it’s a good idea to have these blocks in place!


  • Top 20 Tab
  • Select All IPv4 Countries
  • Select All IPv6 Countries
  • List Action: Deny Both
  • Save


  • Check Enable Max
  • Check Enable pMAX
  • Check Enable dMAX
  • Save

IPv4 & IPv6:

  • Enter Alias “IPv4” and description
  • Click on List Settings -> Copy links provided to IPv4Lists
  • Add the IP4 Lists and enter a unique Header/Lobal
  • List Action: Deny Both
  • Update Frequency: Once a day
  • Save